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Watch the Replay - Creative Challengers Showcase at Advertising Week Europe


30 March 2015


Nicole Revers


Creative Challengers: A Showcase of the Great and the Brave at Advertising Week Europe, hosted by SI Partners, featuring 18 Feet & Rising, Creature of London, Gravity Road and ustwo. 

Here's a snapshot of what our panelists said about big ideas:

"There’s a moment of inspiration or a nugget of something that grows into something big.  With Monument Valley there was one piece of concept art that looked so great we kept coming back to it ... it was a kernel of an idea that became a big idea." Neil McFarland, Director of Games, ustwo 

"'The big idea' is a nice phrase, but we prefer to talk about rich ideas."  Dan Shute, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Creature of London

"Big ideas that can organise are increasingly useful. Big ideas should be less about comms and more about business." Mark Boyd, Co-founder, Gravity Road

"Advertising is great for ruining words and phrases, taking all of the uniqueness out of them - and 'the big idea' is one of them... Big ideas aren't big in the wrong environment, they’re actually quite small." Matt Keon, Co-founder & Creative Partner, 18 Feet & Rising


Watch the replay here: