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Mike Roe, CEO of Footdown, is to speak at the next Soho15 session


01 December 2012


Nicole Revers


Mike Roe will be attending the next Soho15 session on 15th January in London. He will be talking to members about Footdown’s Insight tool™, which consolidates the best theoretical and practical advice for leaders.


About Mike

Mike Roe SI Partners

Before becoming the CEO of Footdown, and Leader of the Bath Fifteen group, Mike Roe was previously a senior police officer in the Avon & Somerset Constabulary.


In a career of over 25 years, dominated by CID work, he considers the seven years as Commander in Bristol to be the most profound. Not only was he responsible for amalgamating three commands into one, but his time was also marked by an influx of crack cocaine and the associated serious crime.


Mike was an early member of the Bath Footdown Fifteen and describes his experience in the leadership coaching and mentoring group as being both inspiring and life changing.


He attributes the combination of his Footdown membership and the use of the Insight tool™ as key in helping him lead Bristol through very challenging times, including a call for his removal by the Home Secretary.


For more information, please visit Footdown’s website at: