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Realising Value: Strategies for Agency Growth | 19th April | London


11 April 2018


Nicole Revers


Join us on 19th April at the Haymarket Hotel SW1Y 4HX, 8.30am - 11.00am for a talk on Realising Value: Strategies for Agency Growth.

Hear from Joy Nazzari, Founder of DN&Co, Tim Bourne, Founder of Exposure and Nik Govier, ex Co-founder of Unity, who will share their experiences of breaking through the growth ceiling to successfully scale and grow their agencies.

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Our panel of expert leaders have realised sustainable growth through aligning operations, finance and marketing performance around a single-minded strategy. Guest speakers, including SI Partners' Partner, Paul Allen, will discuss balancing the time spent working in the business and time spent working on the business to unlock the next phase of growth.

The morning will cover:

  • The importance of building a leadership team around you
  • How to establish clear areas of responsibility spread amongst a leadership team which ensures everyone is playing to their strengths
  • Stories from agency leaders that have been there and created more freedom for themselves

With the agency landscape more saturated and competitive than ever, agency leaders are facing a challenging and transformative period. Margins are squeezed, talent remains a challenge and creating a compelling offer that stands out from the competition requires a carefully crafted strategic approach.

Join us and our co-hosts Entourage BD on 19th April at Haymarket Hotel SW1Y 4HX, 8.30am - 11.00am, to explore how agency leaders can overcome barriers to growth, successfully establishing and embedding management structures that drive the business forward. 

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