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08 October 2014


Nicole Revers


On 1 October 2014 SI Partners hosted a panel discussion at Advertising Week in New York at which our panel of authors, entrepreneurs and leaders – Dr Dana Ardi, Allison Johnson, Mills and Kathleen Saxton – asked whether contemporary cultures are just fashion or whether they generate serious ROI.

The panel challenged traditional hierarchies, diversity and leadership styles, noting the importance of collaborative leadership styles and valuing each employees’ unique skills in the context of an organisation.


The session gives real insight into the bottom line impact of business culture, questions the industry’s progress in achieving greater diversity, and practically analyses what it means to adopt a modern leadership style in an organisation.


Here’s a snapshot of what our panel said:

“I’m not sure I would give Apple an A+ on culture” Allison Johnson, former VP Marketing Communications at Apple and Founder of West.

“I am not the most talented person in my studio”  Mills, Founder of ustwo

“In the agency world they need to be braver about who they choose to lead – you don’t need to have had ten years’ experience working at JWT”  Kathleen Saxton, Founder of The Lighthouse Company

“[modern leadership] is more like an orchestra where everyone has a virtuoso”  Dana Ardi, Managing Director and Founder of Corporate Anthropology Advisors LLP

Watch the replay here: